Native/Local Food (Food Sustainability)

Sustainable Plymouth is working to help promote and implement community gardens, civic agriculture, native edible plants, plant identification and micro-orchards in Plymouth. We aim to educate the public as to which species of plants are edible to people and which species are beneficial (or harmful) in other ways. We also aim to help mitigate the co2 emissions released during the transport of food from afar, as well as avoiding potential supply chain vulnerability.

Manomet Rec. and Indian Brook C.A.

Sustainable Plymouth hired Botanists Alexey Zinovjev & Irina Kadis to positively identify plants at Manomet Recreation Area and Indian Brook Conservation Area, which is also the home of a new walking trail.  We are partnering with Terra Cura and other local organizations on an interpretive signage and educational food project here.  For more on the beneficial species discovered in the area click here .

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